Usha Uthup

Born: 7 November 1947 (age 70), Mumbai
Actual Name: Usha Vaidyanath Someshwar Sami
Spouse: Jani Chacko Uthup


  • Although she performs songs at nightclubs influenced by the Western beat and rhythm, she wears the traditional East Indian saree and bangles in her appearances.
  • Her father was a Mumbai(Bombay) police superintendent.
  • Her married name is Usha Uthap.
  • Her song "Chupp Ke Kaun Aaya "released in the old album 24 Carrats,was re re lased and remixed in the international; album Bombay Gangstarr by Bollywood Freaks, titled "Don't Stop Till You Get To Bollywood". The song was originally a Hindi version of Michael Jackson song "Dont' Stop Till You Get Enough".
  • Has a granddaughter. Her daughter Anjali occasionally sings.