Sukhwinder Singh

Born: 18 July 1971 (age 46), Amritsar
Height: 1.68 m


  • Ex wife is lyricist Tejpal Kaur (Janasheen).
  • Many professional differences with wife Tejpal Kaur caused their separation. Tejpal felt she had written all the songs Sukhwinder Singh sang for many producer's. Where as Sukhwinder felt those songs belonged to him. The Lucky Kabatoor song in Daag The Fire, was written by Tejpal Kaur for another film producer. Sukhwinder ended up taking that song without permission and giving it to Raj Kanwar.
  • Sukhwinder Singh's daughter sang a few versus of the song " Dhoom Dhoom Luck Luck" from the film Dillagi. Her part was the child's verse singing "Dhoom Dhoom Luck Luck" in the beginning of the song. She was unaccredited .