Mujhe Vachan Do

Action 02 Sep, 1983
Cast: Deepika Chikhalia, Danny Denzongpa, Vijayendra Ghatge, Neeta Mehta
Genre: Action
Producer: Mahendra Sandhu
Release Date: 02 Sep, 1983


  • Suresh Oberoi was signed for the film but started playing games when be stopped giving dates. Mahendra Sandhu had to go to Oberoi's house and break down his door ready to bash him over this. Vijayendra was then signed to replace Oberoi. It was Prakash Mehra who calmed Sandhu down and made peace between the two.
  • Mahendra Sandhu and Amrish Puri were involved in a brawl at a wedding. Amrish had promised Sandhu he would give dates for the film but never came around after that. When Sandhu met Amrish at a wedding he asked him about his promise. Amrish Puri said did not remember ever promising anything. This is when Mahendra Sandhu started bashing up Amrish Puri. On lookers were shocked about the incident.