Deewaar (1975)

Crime film/Bollywood 2h 56m
Cast: Shashi Kapoor, Amitabh Bachchan, Neetu Singh, Nirupa Roy, Parveen Babi
Genre: Crime film/Bollywood
Duration: 2h 56m
Producer: Gulshan Rai
Music Director(s): Rahul Dev Burman
Lyricist(s): Rahul Dev Burman, Sahir Ludhianvi
Release Date: 01 Jan, 1975
Filming Location: Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


  • Vijay: I still don't pick up thrown away money.
  • Builder: You're not a smart businessman. If you'd have tried to negotiate, I would have reduced the proce of this building by 5-10 lakh rupees. Vijay: I'm sorry sir, but in my point of view, you're not a smart businessman. If you'd have asked for a million rupees more, I'd have given them without any hesitation. Twenty years earlier from today my mother had picked up bricks in this building. Today I am going to gift this building to her.
  • Vijay: Your principles, your ideals? What work are your principles of? What work are your ideals of? All your principles mashed up together couldn't make up one time of bread Ravi ! The ideals for which you are ready to play from your life, what has they given you? One rented quarter, a rundown police car, two pairs of brown uniform. Watch, watch today this is all me, today this is all you, we both have stood up together from this pathway, but today where have you remained and where have I arrived. Today I have a bungalow, car, bank balance. What do you have? Ravi: I have mother.
  • Ravi: Brother, whether you would do the sign or not? Vijay: Yes, I would do the sign, but I would not be the first one to do the sign, I wouldn't do it alone, go and bring the sign of that man who took the sign from my father, go and bring the sign of that man who stoned my mother and threw her out of the job, go and bring the sign of that man who had written this on my hand. After that! After that my brother the paper you would tell me I would do the sign on that paper.
  • Vijay: Before I talk, I need to know if I am talking to a brother or a police officer? Ravi: As long a brother speaks, a brother would listen. When a criminal speaks, a police officer would respond!


  • Amitabh Bachchan had become extremely popular after the success of Zanjeer (1973) and Majboor (1974), hence there was immense craze for Deewar. The fans had lined up from Marine Drive till Minerva (Mumbai) at the premiere of the film. The sheer frenzy surrounding the movie completely caught everyone off guard as no one had ever foreseen this kind of mob hysteria.
  • Amitabh didn't dub for the famous temple scene as he couldn't get the emotions perfectly during dubbing and felt the dubbing would mar the impact.
  • Film was earlier to be made as song less film.
  • Yash Chopra's editor Pran Mehra was directing a film titled " Gardish" with Amitabh Bachchan and Praveen Babi. The editor passed away while film the film was being made. When Yash heard the script of Deewar from Salim Javed, he was afraid some one else was going to make it. So he scrapped Gardish (which was already being shot) and started Deewar.
  • It was unofficially remade as "Mahaveera" but the siblings were Raj Babbar and Dimple Kapadia.


  • When Anand Verma (Satyen Kappoo) returns signing agreement with mill owners, it's raining outside. The water sprayed artificially for rain effect can be seen on left corner of the screen.
  • In the awards scene at the start, Nirupa Roy is shown again in the audience after she goes on the stage.
  • After Vijay Verma gets shot in the climax, he was touching the upper part of his left arm, but after it showed he was shot at the back before it was shown again shot at the upper part of his left arm.