Bol Bachchan (2012)

Bollywood/Action 2h 35m
Cast: Ajay Devgn, Abhishek Bachchan, Asin Thottumkal, Prachi Desai
Genre: Bollywood/Action
Duration: 2h 35m
Producer: Dhillin Mehta, Ajay Devgan
Music Director(s): Himesh Reshammiya, Ajay Gogavale, Atul Gogavale
Lyricist(s): Swanand Kirkire
Release Date: 06 Jul, 2012
Budget: INR 700,000,000

Cast and Crew

Sania Ali / Apeksha
Prithviraj Raghuvanshi
Abbas Ali / Abhishek Bachchan
Radhika Raghuvanshi
Zohra / Madhumati
Vikrant Raghuvanshi
Ravi Shastri


  • Prithviraj Raghuvanshi: Bagal mein chora aur shehar mein dhindhora! (Boy under armpit and hypercity noise pollution!)
  • Prithviraj Raghuvanshi: 12'o clock in the night you do ONE NIGHT STAND for me!
  • Prithviraj Raghuvanshi: Aata Maajhi Satakli. (Now my head gear has gone to the sides.)
  • Prithviraj Raghuvanshi: Saale ko kutte ki maut maarunga! (Brother-in-law will die Tommy's death!)


  • Bipasha Basu was replaced by Asin.
  • Abhishek Bachchan was quite appreciated for his performance and also won awards in the comedian category.
  • Chomu Palace is a renowned palace in Jaipur, Rajasthan where famous Bollywood movies Bol Bachchan is shot
  • Rohit Shetty directed Ajay Devgan and Abhisheik Bachchan together after 9 years. They both were part of his first film "Zameen" (2003).
  • In both the movies, remake and original i.e. Golmaal (1979) & Bol Bachchan, Amitabh Bachchan makes a cameo.


  • Shastri introduces about his son Ravi to Abbas and Sania before he comes as if they don't know him. However when Ravi comes, he says he has visited Abbas's and Sania's home many times and greets them.
  • Abbas is supposed to be poor and drives a taxi but he also wears an Omega watch and Nike shoes. In fact, everyone in Ranakpur wears Converse and Nike.