Bobby (1973)

Bollywood/Drama 2h 49m
Cast: Rishi Kapoor, Dimple Kapadia
Genre: Bollywood/Drama
Duration: 2h 49m
Producer: Raj Kapoor
Music Director(s): Laxmikant Shantaram Kudalkar (Laxmikant Pyarelal), Pyarelal Ramprasad Sharma (Laxmikant Pyarelal)
Lyricist(s): Vithalbhai Patel, Anand Bakshi, Inderjeet Singh Tulsi
Release Date: 01 Nov, 1973
Filming Location: R.K. Studios, Chembur, Mumbai, Maharashtra, India


Cast and Crew

Bobby J. Braganza
Mr. Nath
Jack Braganza
Mrs. Sushma Nath
Mrs. Braganza
Prem Chopra
Alka 'Nikki' Sharma
Mrs. Pestonji (as Mrs. Piloo Wadia)


  • Film debut of Dimple Kapadia
  • Pascal of Bollywood did a cover version of Main Shayar To Nahin.
  • Rishi Kapoor first film as the hero and debut film of Dimple and singer Shailendra Singh,Laxmikant-Pyarelal and Anand Bakshi entry to R.K.Films by this film. One day Laxmikant took Anand Bakshi to see his house which was still under construction, when they want to come out they lost their way, they dint know the way out,so they went on finding the way meanwhile Anand Bakshi got an idea of a song, 'bahar se andher na ahsake.....' when Raj Kapoor heard it he liked it found the situation for this song and got it recorded, became a big hit song. Mukesh was to sing a song which comes in the background but it dint happen. Song writer Vithalbhai Patel wrote a song 'yeh umar nahi hai pyar ki' for this film, but it wasnot used. In Awaara made about 20 years before Bobby there is an outdoor scene between Raj Kapoor and Nargis, in the the tune of background music comes there is 'na mangu soona chandni' the song of Bobby. Raj Kapoor had to keep the gurentee of ornaments of his wife to get money to start Bobby.
  • A chunk from real life of Raj Kapoor. Raj Kapoor, as a new actor, went to Jaddan Bai's home to ask her to allow her daughter to work in his film/or some other reason . Nargis was making 'pakode' in her home and came running to receive the stranger standing outside. She opened the door and rubbed her forehead to clear the hair and 'besan' got stuck on her forehead. This was the time when Raj was mesmerized by her and it started the course of a very successful on screen pair. He put this situation in 'Bobby'.
  • Rishi Kapoor joined a weight loss clinic prior to starting the film. It was at the clinic he met his first love, a Parsi girl named Yasmin. She was his trainer. They ended up breaking up after the film released and Rishi became a star.